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The Fresh Produce Safety Centre Ltd is an industry-led, not-for-profit company established to enhance fresh produce food safety across Australia and New Zealand through research, outreach and education.

The Centre is funded and led by the fresh produce industries in Australia and New Zealand. It was established by the Produce Marketing Association Australia-New Zealand (PMA A-NZ) through a project with the University of Sydney. This project was funded by Horticulture Australia Limited with voluntary and in-kind contributions from industry, the University and PMA A-NZ, demonstrating widespread support for the Centre.

The Centre is based at the Faculty of Agriculture & Environment at the University of Sydney and affiliated with the Center for Produce Safety at the University of California (Davis).

The Centre’s goals are to:

  • Call for Requests for Proposals and oversee food safety research projects that are highly relevant to industry
  • Provide food safety information, news, education and outreach to the industry
  • Engage with regulatory and other organisations for effective and efficient food safety management leading to enhanced food safety outcomes.

To read more about the FPSC, click here to view our about the FPSC booklet (PDF)


Fresh produce safety applies to all aspects of the supply chain in the fruit and vegetable industries and all have a responsibility to supply consumers with food that is safe. To increase industry awareness, the program partners held a Fresh Produce Safety Forum in November 2012. Stakeholders from all sectors of the fresh produce supply chain contributed to the development of  a new paradigm which aims to addresses produce safety research, outreach and crisis mitigation. This was the first step in achieving a collaborative approach that all parts of the supply chain will own and support. The industry will drive research through active involvement and identification of the research priorities. The Fresh Produce Safety – Australia & New Zealand website was established as a first step in providing an information platform for the industry.

The FPSC developed from a project initiated by The University of Sydney Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, and PMA Australia – New Zealand, with matched funding from the Australian Government through Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL), which aimed to provide information and resources for all stakeholders in the fresh produce industry on food safety practices and research.