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Richard Bennett

Profile Picture, Richard Bennett

Richard Bennett is the Technology Manager for the FPSC. Richard has had a full career working in numerous aspects of horticulture including in the nursery, seed and fruit processing industries, and as an industry development officer, trainer, agronomist and executive officer for a number of fruit grower associations. Richard has qualifications in orchard management, applied science, agribusiness and food safety.

As a technical horticulturalist, Richard became increasingly concerned that many of those making demands of growers or involved in implementing food safety systems did not generally understand agronomy, food safety risk, how to communicate with growers and the impacts of their expectations. Richard has worked on numerous resources to improve the food safety culture and performance of Australian horticulture. Richard is regarded as a go-to person on quality assurance, food safety, environmental management, product standards and specifications, product identification and traceability, business continuity, compliance issues and crisis management. Richard has developed and implemented Approved Supplier Programs mainly for processors, and implemented SQF 2000 and Freshcare in fruit, vegetable, nut and wine grape businesses.

Stephen Fujiwara

Profile Picture, Stephen Fujiwara

Stephen Fujiwara is providing administrative support to the FPSC. Stephen has provided administrative assistance to projects at the University of Sydney including the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment’s Centenary, as well as providing administrative support to a University of Sydney consultancy with the Asian Development Bank. Since graduating with a science degree from the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment at the University of Sydney, Stephen has been pursuing a part-time PhD on plant water use at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Please do not hesitate to contact Stephen with feedback or queries regarding the FPSC website and mailing list.