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Posts from the ‘Microbial Contamination’ Category

AU: Red tape: Food safety rules go nuts

Weekly Times: A farmer has cracked his final walnuts last week, after a council ruled his drying practices were not meeting hygiene and safety standards similar to those used by restaurants, supermarkets and baby food processors.

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US: Delta joins american in suspending use of LAX kitchen because of Listeria

Forbes: Two airlines have joined American Airlines in suspending the use of a catering facility at Los Angeles International Airport because of a listeria finding.

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AU: Food Safety Supercharger lands in Australia

Hort Innovation: The mother of all produce sanitisation machines has arrived in Australia, fresh off the ship from Germany, as the country takes its food safety technology to the next level.

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Mann Packing recalls minimally processed vegetable products because of possible health risk Mann Packing of Salinas, California is voluntarily recalling minimally processed vegetable products listed below because they may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

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US: Caution: increase in outbreaks ahead

Quality Assurance & Food Safety Magazine: If a tree falls in the woods when no one is around, does it still make a sound? A similar question can be asked of foodborne illness: if a food makes someone sick but it isn’t diagnosed or isn’t attributed to a food, does it still count?

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AU: Frozen berries Hepatitis A Virus outbreak fact sheet (2017)

An outbreak of foodborne illness attributed to hepatitis A virus (HAV) has taken place in Australia. At least four people have become infected. The source of the outbreak is 300 gram packs of Creative Gourmet Frozen Mixed Berries with a best-before date of 15 January 2021. This product was recalled nationally on 2nd June 2017 as a precaution.

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US: Practical pointers around submitting water samples for food safety

Michigan State University: Water sampling to meet federal on-farm food safety guidelines can be confusing. This article helps eliminate some confusion about taking and submitting a water sample.

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US: Scientists may be able to test food safety with a smartphone

Food and Wine: To test whether food contains the harmful bacteria E. coli, scientists place samples of the questionable sustenance in culture dishes to see if germ-filled colonies form. They wait for days—two or three, to be exact—to know whether the food is safe to eat, or whether it should be pulled from shelves. But new technology could speed up the food-safety testing process to mere moments, according to research from MIT.

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US: Why companies should do internal audits during off hours

Food Engineering: Third-party auditors rarely come into food plants during night shifts, which really is a mistake, as this is when many conduct cleanup.

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AU: Symbio Laboratories joins the drive for fresh produce safety

Symbio Laboratories has become a proud supporter of the Fresh Produce Safety Centre Australia & New Zealand as a Bronze level supporter.

David Phillips, CEO of Symbio Laboratories said, “As a proponent of ensuring that Australia continues to produce and supply the highest quality fresh produce domestically, and in the global marketplace, Symbio Laboratories is proud to support the FPSC in its mission to provide the industry with the information it needs to enhance the safety and quality of fruit and vegetables”

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