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CA: Everything you need to know about fresh produce and E. coli

Dr. Jeffrey M. Farber, University of Guleph / The Conversation: While the recent outbreak of E. coli infections linked to romaine lettuce has been declared over, Canadian public health officials are still working to determine the cause of the contamination.

Several people in the U.S. and eastern Canada were sickened after eating romaine, with two reported deaths.

I am a food safety expert. Here’s what consumers need to know about E. coli and produce

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AU: Global handwashing day 15 October 2015

Food Safety Information Council: On Global Handwashing Day the Food Safety Information Council has recommended Australians take the time to wash their hands for the time it takes them to hum ‘Happy Birthday’ twice.

Food Safety Information Council Chair, Rachelle Williams, said there was evidence that Australians did know how to wash their hands correctly as the Council’s telephone surveys consistently showed that 98% of respondents recognised that you should wash your hands using soap and dry thoroughly on a clean towel.

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