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NZ: Could barcodes be a thing of the past?

Fresh Plaza: Dataphyll is a start up company in New Zealand which has been developing a product for the horticultural industry called Binwise. The Binwise system replaces current barcode systems for harvest, logistics and traceability management.

AU: Mouldy food could be a thing of the past thanks to Murdoch University research

ABC News: Kirsty Bayliss from Murdoch University is using plasma and electrical currents to stop mould from taking hold on fresh food, bread, meats, grains, and even dairy products such as milk and cheese.

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EU: Protecting consumers from deception: EU Parliament backs tough food inspection regulations

Food Navigator: The EU Parliament has backed new regulations for tougher food inspections from farm to fork in a bid to qualm consumer worries of food fraud after the horse meat scandal in 2013.

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AU: Protecting Australians from unsafe food

Minister for Agriculture & Water Resources: “The Coalition Government is committed to keeping Australia’s borders strong and has set about amending the imported food laws, the changes include giving the government greater scope to hold food at the border if there are reasonable grounds to suspect food poses a serious risk to human health,” Minister Joyce said.

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UN: Good agricultural practices for bananas

Food and Agriculture Organisation: GAP are particularly important in the banana industry, not only for sustainability of production and minimization of environmental impact, but also to ensure that harvesting, packaging and transport activities are conducted in hygienic conditions in order to deliver safe and good quality fruit to consumers.

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US: Produce targeted by man spraying mouse poison

Food Safety Magazine: April 24, 2016, an alert employee at a Whole Foods Market in Ann Arbor, MI, noticed a young man spritz liquid from a small spray bottle onto food in the hot food bar.

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AU: AIFST Toolbox Talk: Microbiological criteria and testing in food safety management

AIFST: With microbiological criteria a key part of product specification, this AIFST toolbox talk is imperative for those working in the regulatory, manufacturing, quality assurance and research fields.

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AU: The tomato in your pasta tonight may be traced back to the ground where it was harvested

Business Insider: A tech company in rural Victoria has created an Internet of Things (IoT) system for Japanese food processing firm Kagome that allows a piece of vegetable to be tracked from the point it was harvested to the dinner plate.

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U.S.: Alliance for Food and Farming attacks publication of ‘Dirty dozen’ produce list

Fresh Fruit Portal: The Alliance for Food and Farming (AFF) has attacked the Environmental Working Group (EWG) for continuing to release its “Dirty Dozen” list, which is said to show which produce items that have the highest levels of pesticide residues.

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AU: Digital future for Aussie food industry

Produce Plus: The Australian government has granted A$50m over ten years to the Food Agility Cooperative Research Centre to improve Australia’s global agricultural competitiveness through digital transformation.

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