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US: Getting value from audits

Trellis: When you can mine data across all your audits, you can understand food safety risks and address them. Learn why these produce industry leaders want Trellis….

NZ: New food safety guidance announced

Ministry for Primary Industries: The Ministry for Primary Industries today announced food safety guidance which will cover up to 16,000 food businesses across New Zealand. This means that all types of food businesses in New Zealand now have easy-to-follow guidance for keeping food safe. Different types of businesses have different guidance depending on the food safety risk of the food they handle.

AU: Gastro outbreak on Ovation of the Seas cruise ship, almost 200 ill

ABC News: Nearly 200 people have been hit with gastro symptoms while onboard one of the world's largest cruise ships, the Ovation of the Seas, which has today docked in Hobart.

Read the full story at the ABC news website

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US: Dozens dead in South Africa Listeria outbreak

Food Safety News: More than 550 people are confirmed sick, with at least 36 dead, in an ongoing Listeria outbreak in South Africa. South Africa’s government reports the source of the outbreak is likely to be a food product consumed by people across all socio-economic groups.

US: California bans the harvest of windfall avocados

Fresh Plaza: The Food Safety Modernization Act’s (FSMA) Produce Safety Rule which prohibits the distribution of produce that drops to the ground before harvesting now applies to avocados as well.

NZ: New Zealand Food Awards Unveils the Crème de le Crème for 2017

Food HQ: The revamped Food Safety Culture and Primary Sector Products Awards, sponsored by the Ministry for Primary Industries, were taken out by The Pure Food Co. and T&G Global Ltd. respectively. The James & Wells Business Innovation Award was presented to Original Foods Baking Co.

AU: IoT: The evolution of brick and mortar retailers in the digital age

IT Brief: Retailers are already embracing IoT with great success, both in logistics and back office functionality, but also on the customer-facing side of the business. A grocery store may use IoT for predictive equipment maintenance, such as their refrigeration units which are fitted out with sensors that can monitor temperature change and ensure food safety.

NSW: DPI Melon Food Safety Workshop

The NSW Department of Primary Industries is running a second Melon Food Safety workshop in Griffith.

When: 11th December 2017 (Monday)
Where: NSW DPI, Farm 217 Murray Road, Hanwood, Griffith NSW
Pre-workshop lunch: 12:30-1:00 pm
Time: 1:00-2:30 pm

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US: Salmonella outbreak in Oregon, Washington linked to pre-cut fruit

Oregon Live: Eighteen people in Washington and Oregon have been diagnosed with Salmonella after eating pre-cut fruit purchased from local grocery stores, prompting a review by state and federal health authorities. Officials in both states have traced the outbreak to pre-cut watermelon, cantaloupe and fruit mixes containing those fruits.

Read the full report for Oregon Live

US: ‘I Was Poisoned’: can crowdsourcing food illnesses help stop outbreaks?

National Public Radio: In 2008, Patrick Quade ducked out of his office at Morgan Stanley in Manhattan and stopped at a corner deli for a BLT wrap. The next day he suffered explosive diarrhea and was vomiting so violently, “it was like some force was just wringing my stomach out.” When he called the deli to report the incident, they said they were not to blame and hung up on him.

Read the full article at the National Public Radio website

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