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NZ: Deadlines for new food safety law coming up

Ministry for Primary Industries: The deadline for some businesses to register under the new Food Act is coming up. Food businesses, including restaurants and cafes with an alcohol licence, need to apply by 31 March. Other businesses that need to register by 31 March this year include Early Childhood Education centres that serve food; processors of nuts, seeds or coffee beans; and manufacturers of food for vulnerable people (like babies or the elderly), ready-to-eat salads, and sauces, spreads, dips or soups that need to be kept cold.

US: Juicing is healthy, but easily contaminated by pathogens

Food Safety News: So many fruits. So many veggies. So little time. That’s the dilemma that people who want to eat as healthy as possible face

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AU: Critical infrastructure resilience

Australian Government: Organisational resilience is critical for business to be able to respond to short term shocks—such as natural disasters or significant changes in market dynamics. This new website is an important source of information for Australian businesses and individuals, and features the Organisational Resilience HealthCheck—a free tool to help respondents identify their organisation's resilience potential.

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AU/NZ: Freshcare Forum and Fresh Produce Safety Centre Conference back to back in 2017

For the first time in 2017, the Freshcare Forum and Fresh Produce Safety Centre Conference will be run as consecutive events from 7th – 9th August in Sydney.

Since 2009, the Freshcare Forum has been a two day, biennial event, attracting attendees from the Freshcare stakeholder network including trainers, facilitators, auditors, certification body representatives, customers, retailers and other service providers. The Freshcare Forum delivers technical and program updates on food safety, quality and environmental assurance, with social and networking opportunities.

The Fresh Produce Safety Centre (FPSC) has hosted an annual one day conference since its launch in 2014. The Annual FPSC Conference provides an event for a wider fresh produce food safety audience, reporting on research outcomes, innovation and industry opportunities.

The coordinated timing of the two events, provides an appealing technical and networking opportunity for all involved in food safety compliance in the fresh produce industry.

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US: What do food facility auditors really want?

Food Safety Tech: Third-party audits are critically important to food companies.

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US: Trace One releases consumer confidence survey at the global food safety conference

Enhanced Online News: To give grocery retailers and manufacturers direct access to the voice of the consumer, Trace One recently conducted a survey to discover how shoppers feel about private label products.

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CN: Report finds safe food a key concern

ECNS: Chinese have serious concerns over the safety of food, environment and personal information, according a report released on Monday.

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SG: Building trust and capacity for safe food in Asia

Food Industry Asia: Building trust and capacity to ensure Asian consumers have access to safe food requires a concerted and collaborative approach from multiple stakeholders from the public and private sectors, civil society and inter-governmental organisations...

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CA: Root Cause Analysis: Saving on Food Safety

Global Food Safety Resource: What do you think of when you hear the words “root cause analysis?” Many people envision a painstaking, tedious process that tries to discover the true reason a process failed. Who wants to do that?! The quick approach is to just point a finger and blame the employee.

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AU: New food labelling laws clear parliament in response to berry outbreak

Fresh Plaza: The Parliament in Australia has passed new food labelling laws in response to a case where more than 30 people across Australia contracted hepatitis in 2015 after consuming the same brand of frozen berries. The new labelling laws look to increase awareness for consumers allowing them to see more about their food and where it comes from.

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