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NZ: Work underway to address antimicrobial resistance

Scoop: Health Minister Jonathan Coleman and Food Safety Minister David Bennett have welcomed steps to enhance New Zealand’s ability to respond to the growing global issue of antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

AU: Food labels need to be clearer for consumers with allergies, experts say

ABC News: Warnings printed on packaged foods in supermarkets across Australia are now so overused they have lost meaning for consumers wary of triggering an allergic response, experts say.

US: How bugs, bats and other creepy critters end up in prepackaged food

NY Daily News: It doesn’t happen often, but creepy critters such as bugs, birds and even bats occasionally make their way into prepackaged food and onto the dinner table.

NZ: Rain-delayed NZ Kiwifruit harvest in full swing

NZ Herald: The kiwifruit industry has escaped March and April’s horrendous weather largely unscathed despite more than half a metre of rain falling in the Bay of Plenty over that time. A small number of orchards which have had their fruit touched by floodwaters or dropped by wind will not be harvested due to food safety reasons.

CN: China aims to improve logistics system to protect food safety

China Daily: China will build a cold chain logistics system to improve food safety and boost consumer spending, according to an official document released on Friday. The general office of the State Council, China’s cabinet, published a guideline on the development of cold chain logistics framework, underscoring the importance on food safety and consumption upgrades.

AU: Measuring the impact of company culture on food safety

SAI Global: Documented food safety processes and procedures are an important component of any food safety management plan but it is the daily actions of employees which determine overall food safety performance.

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US: 24 ways to exclude entry of flying insects

QA Magazine: Given the various flying insects that are attracted to food-processing facilities, the many attractants that bring them to entry points…

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US: Dispute over Listeria growth in lettuce

Food Quality & Safety: Few words strike horror into the hearts of food producers like “Listeria” and a new study out of Purdue University’s Department of Food Science carries the unwelcome news that the bacteria can live within the tissue of romaine lettuce.

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AU: Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)

Australian Government Department of Health: This page contains information regarding Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). PFAS have been found to have contaminated sites where there has been historic use of fire-fighting foams…

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AU: Australia-US food safety agreement to benefit exporters

Food Magazine: The signing of a bilateral Food Safety Recognition Agreement between Australia and the US this month puts Australian exporters in a strong position as preferred suppliers, according to the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

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